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2015-10-11 07:51 pm
Entry tags:

the beloved

broken moon watches his sun set
into the violet skies
the tears in her eyes he cannot forget
stars one cannot fathom the beauty of
become apparent between
the sky & the moon
they're bright & they sparkle
but the moon cannot see 
anything other than the tears
of his beloved sun
as she sets into violet skies
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2015-10-11 07:42 pm
Entry tags:

the blue

 once blue moon , now a broken being
waits in darkness
for his shining sun
like a candle she flickered
now burned out like a fire
broken moon waits
to return to his blue hue
because his shining sun
no longer shined
beings would perish
stars would fade
but all broken moon see's
is hues of blues
his shining suns rays

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2015-10-11 07:27 pm
Entry tags:

the fall

 blue moon meets his shining sun
just as they align
she is his silver lining
the light he couldn't find
beings watch in awe
as they share a short kiss
soon pulled apart by which
none could control
a force stronger than their love
but visible just as is
blue moon & shining sun
remember their short meeting
a time in which
for a short while 
they hadn't been alone